General Purpose Switches

general purpose switches

MM1200 – 6 Channel SPST Relay ​

The MM1200 device is a 6-channel SPST Micro Relay developed and manufactured by Menlo Micro. It is intended for power and signal switching applications in both DC and AC circuits and meant to replace electromechanical high-power relays or reed relays.​ Reliable and innovative, Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch technology enables robust switches capable of 1.0 A per channel. The technology also enables low on-state contact resistance and high off-state isolation with greater than 3 billion switching cycles at elevated +85ºC temperatures. Each switch is Normally Open (NO) and individually controlled by a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus. An external +5 VDC logic supply and high voltage +75 VDC bias source is required for operation of the internal switch driver. ​

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