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The world‘s workhorse switch.

The MM1200 is a 6-channel SPST perfect for high-density LF switch matrices in any industry. In general, it is the ideal replacement for any space-wasting electromechanical relays and reed relays.
MM1200 Series Specs
The MM1200 will let you build smaller devices that use less power.
FunctionElectrical Char.Input
CurrentRON COFF IsolationSwitching
MM12006xSPSTAC/DC150 V1 A1.0 Ω90 fF10 GΩ<10 µs< 10 µA>3B cyclesSerial-to-Parallel Interface6 x 6 mm BGA


6-channel SPST Signal Relay

The MM1200 is intended for high-density signal switching applications in both AC and DC circuits and meant to replace electromechanical signal relays or reed relays. The core technology has found commercial uses in demanding applications such as medical equipment and test & measurement equipment.

The MM1200 is capable of 1.0 A per channel steady state. The MM1200 will deliver low on-state contact resistance and high off-state isolation with >3 billion switching cycles and <10µs switching times.

Each switch is Normally Open (NO) and individually controlled by a serial-to-parallel Interface. An external +5 VDC logic supply and high voltage +79 VDC bias source is required for operation of the internal switch driver.

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Top view

Bottom view

Bottom view

85% PCB area reduction and 75% build height reduction together with lower weight enables new form factors for relay and switch matrix boards.

MM1200 vs Electromechanical Relays
Imagine the impact this will have on test & measurement boards, which often require 250+ EMRs. The Ideal Switch will dramatically decrease the T&M machine size and increase its reliability.
EM Signal RelayKey Benefits
Space & WeightMM1200Relays, Driver, Capacitors and Power Supplies• 85% PCB area reduction
• 75% Build height reduction
• 120 g weight savings/100 DPDT
Switching Speed10 µs3 ms• 1000x switching speed improvement enables faster measurements
Reliable PerformanceMechanical:
>3B Operations
10M Operations
• 1000x reliability reduces system downtime
ControlSerial bus programs all circuits (daisy-chain) with shared high voltage supplyOne signal line/one/driver per coil + power supply for drivers• Digital control direct from MCU
• Simplifies schematic & routing on PCB
Power ConsumptionNo hold power100 relays have >10 W of hold power (need to drive coil)• Saves 10-20 W power consumption per 100 relays
• Reduced cooling requirements enables new form factors
“This has the potential to change real stuff that you use every day. It's huge. I mean, it's really huge.”


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The Ideal Switch is better by multiples for size, weight, power, speed, reliability, linearity.