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Irvine, CA

About Us

Menlo Micro has reinvented one of the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems – the electronic switch. Menlo Micro’s technology creates a new switch category that eliminates compromises and tradeoffs by combining the benefits of electromechanical and solid-state switches into the best of both worlds with its “Ideal Switch.”

Are you interested in playing a critical, impactful role and work with top electronic systems talent at an exciting startup backed by industry leaders? Do you want to help create truly disruptive and unique products that have the ability to change markets? If you answered yes to both, this may be your opportunity to have a significant impact at a cutting-edge startup with industry-leading technology that will drive electronic systems innovation across a diverse range of industries.

Role Summary and Purpose

Menlo Micro has a lot of important information to share and a lot of audiences that need to know about our work. Awareness-building and education across customers, reporters, analysts, governments, as well as existing and potential employees is mission critical for us. We are looking for a leader who will establish Menlo Micro as an industry pioneer, introduce the Ideal Switch as the revolutionary technology it is, and detail our impact on industries, applications, and the world at large.

In order to build out our Marketing and Communications activities, you will own the planning, budgeting, and execution of the following:

Messaging – Whether it’s a Press Release about our new fab or the Product Page for a new high-power Ideal Switch, you are responsible for the way in which Menlo communicates: what, how, and where we say it. We need to articulate complex technology to our different audiences, getting them excited and educated at the same time.

Go-to-Market – You’ll build out annual Go-To-Market plans to define the various tactics and required budgets that support our business. Alongside you’ll design, hire, manage the org that executes these efforts. These GTM plans need to support our business in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Communications – PR, publicity, thought-leadership, crisis management - you’ll head up the team responsible for the way in which Menlo Micro engages with reporters and any public platform. You will drive the positioning and presentation of our leadership, technology, and products out in the world.

Sales Enablement – It is important for your team to be in lockstep with Sales. They will need messaging and materials to support their efforts, e.g. comprehensive website content, sales decks, product demo videos, webinars, etc.

Performance Marketing – We want this position to apply investment-portfolio thinking to our Owned, Paid, Earned, Shared Media efforts: ROI-based budgeting and allocations that get tested, tracked, and, when successful, scaled. Building an Account-Based Marketing operation is part of this remit.

CRM – You will work with Sales to establish and operationalize shared CRM tools and best practices.

Infrastructure – In order to execute all of the above you will be putting the necessary assets in place, from tools (eg Email platform), analytics (eg Hubspot), external partners (like PR agencies), and, over time, your team.

Desired Characteristics

  • You’re comfortable with B2B technology – You understand the needs of the engineers we are selling our product to and enjoy learning about our technology from our very own engineers.
  • You’ve built Ingredient Brands – For any of our customers, The Ideal Switch enables groundbreaking new features and unlocks valuable new benefits. Adding “Powered by the Ideal Switch” to these applications is an important pillar of our business and an initiative driven by this role.
  • Ability to translate tech-speak – You’ve demonstrated the ability to learn about deep tech and then translate it into marketing that speaks to different audiences: CEOs to CTOs, GMs to Engineers, Investors, Analysts, Trade & Mainstream Press, and our own employees. Some of it needs to operate at a high level: plain and simple English. But you’ll also be reviewing some White Papers. The ability to speak about our technology at different levels of technical sophistication is invaluable.
  • You’re a scientist, a mind-reader, and an artist – You’re data-driven and run tests using hypotheses. You’re people-centric, building a deep empathy for our customer, partners, employees. You work with creative people – writers, designers, art-directors, web developers – to create clear and compelling stories and assets. You take pride in your ability to shift between your left and right brain.
  • You combine an enterprise toolkit with a startup mindset – You’ve led Marketing teams in larger organizations but are excited to start at ground zero, wear many hats, and shape the work and the org from the ground up. There’s a lot to do, so you’ll want to be someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are a Thinker and a Doer – Strategic Direction, Messaging Constructs, Communication Plans are all things you’ll be developing. But you’ll love executing them just as much. Because you understand how to get these things done, you can build your org to support those functions.
  • Experience – You’ll have 10+ years of experience in marketing leadership roles at B2B technology companies.
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Menlo Micro has a lot of important information to share and a lot of audiences that need to know about our work.
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