A growing IP portfolio.

The Ideal Switch is 15 years in the making and protected by a portfolio of 65+ patents.
The metals, glass, even the gas we use in the switch cavity are developed for functionality, reliability, and scaled manufacturing.
The Ideal Switch assembly is a complex system-level manufacturing operation leveraging CMOS fab infrastructure.
The shape, placement, and connection of elements are all interdependent.
We have developed hermetically sealed glass caps on glass substrate with copper-alloy through-glass-vias.
There are 30+ patents alone covering solutions like System-on-Glass RF devices and Smart Power Relays for industrial IoT.

Performance and production.

Everything we develop has to deliver against these, often conflicting, objectives. Our architecture and materials are based on advances in semiconductor engineering, while the production process leverages solid-state fabrication of integrated circuits.
Menlo Metal Beam
  • Multiple alloy systems providing linearity and loss characteristics unattainable for transistors.
  • Demonstrated operation >300ºC. 
  • Arc-free designs can support hundreds of volts with a miniaturized air-gap.
  • Tiny actuators exhibit switching speed of <10μs and are relatively immune to shock & vibration.
  • The small size enables the creation of massive arrays.
Scalable Array Designs
  • The array layout is flexible to allow for infinite product combinations.
  • Can scale designs to >1000V and >50A.
  • Enables both low-power and high-power RF, AC and DC switches using the same unit cell and process.
Through-Glass-Via Packaging
  • Reduces size of traditional wire-bond packaging by >60%.
  • Compared to silicon, metal-on-glass delivers lowest loss, highest linearity performance.
  • Drastically reduced package parasitics to enable designs >50 GHz.
  • Hermetically sealed environment enables the Ideal Switch to achieve billions of reliable operations.
Scalable Manufacturing
  • 8-inch (200mm) glass wafer fabrication, using standard semiconductor processing equipment.
  • Thousands of die on single wafer, chip-scale package from 16mm2 down to <1mm2.
  • Roadmap to “System-on-Glass​.” Integrate passives and other structures directly on glass with switches to create ultra-miniaturized RF subsystems.
“Menlo’s Ideal Switch is blazing the trail, taking advantage of Corning's precision glass and glass processing capabilities to create products that are revolutionizing multiple industries, from communications to industrial controls.”


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The Ideal Switch is the key to 5G and the enabler for next-gen telcom.