Reconfigurable Filter
Differential Delay Shifter
High-Density Switch Matrix

RF Subsystems

Transforming the communications industry.

Using the Ideal Switch to develop RF subsystems enables substantial performance and reliability improvements. At the same time their size and weight decrease by several orders of magnitude.

Reconfigurable Filter

MM6005 / 225-512 MHz, 7-channel - Reference Design

Miniaturized. Low-loss. High-linearity. 

The Ideal Switch’s superior parasitics enable the creation of revolutionary new filter designs, in both switched and tunable configurations. This can have a transformational impact on software defined radios. The MM6005 is the first example of many to come.

Product Brief

Conventional Switched Filter Bank compared to the
MM6005 Ideal Switch powered 7-Channel 225-512MHz Filter

MM6006-ENG Reconfigurable Filter

Filter Technology Comparison
MM6005 Reconfigurable Filter
Solid State Switched Filter BankKey Benefits
Frequency Range225-512 MHz225-512 MHz
Return Loss>11 dB>11 dB
CW Power Handling60 W60 W
Control4-bit binary4-bit binary
Switching Time<10 µs<10 µs
Insertion Loss<1.5 dB<4 dB>50% lower loss
Third-Order Intercept>95 dBm>60 dBm>1000x higher linearity
Current Consumption<1 mA<250 mA99% more efficient
Size70.9 x 45.9 x 16.5 mm200 x 200 x 20 mm>90% reduction in size
Weight100 g1000 g90% reduction in weight
Operating Temperature-40 to +85˚ C-40 to +85˚ C
Vibration10 G (10-500 Hz)10 G (10-500 Hz)
Shock Duration11 ms11 ms
4 Channel
200MHz - 2GHz
4 Channel
200MHz - 4GHz
4 Channel
2GHz - 4GHz
Menlo Micro also works with customers to develop high performance tunable and switched filter designs from DC-50GHz tailored to their specifications.

Differential Delay Shifter

MM6105 / DC-26 GHz, 2-bit (4-state) - Reference Design

Miniaturized. High-speed. High RF performance.

Currently, beam steering antennas either deliver strong RF performance and power handling using large, expensive motor-driven mechanical phase shifters. Or they use small, inefficient solid-state phase shifters that cannot handle high power and deliver poor RF performance. 

We have patented a no-compromise solution: the Ideal Switch Differential Delay Shifter.

Product Brief

Two MM6105 DDSs replace the mechanical phase shifters and motors inside a conventional antenna (highlighted in yellow above).

Phase Shifter Technology Comparison
Ideal Switch technology provides very high RF performance and reliability with reduced size and system complexity. It can be used in Analog/RF or Hybrid configurations.
MM6105 Differential Delay Shifter
Typical Mechanical Phase ShifterTypical Solid State Phase ShifterDigital / DSP Phase Shifter
Max Input Power44 dBm>50 dBm25 dBmN/A
Size13 x 13 mm (Today)
5 x 5 mm (2021)
180 x 100 mm
+ Stepper motor actuator
4 x 4 mmEach array element requires dedicated PA/LNA/Switch Module & ADC/DSP
Insertion Loss<0.5 dB @ 3.6 GHz<0.32 dB @ 0.7-2.7 GHz<4.5 dB @ 2.3-3.8 GHzN/A
Supply Current<100 µA>1 A>1 mA>330 mA
LinearityIP3: >95 dBmIP3: <100 dBmIP3: <47 dBmIP3: <44 dBm
Switching SpeedMicrosecondsSecondsMicrosecondsNanoseconds

High-Density Switch Matrix

Reference Design

Miniaturized. High-speed. Long life.

Switch Matrices based on the Ideal Switch can deliver the losses and isolation of a high-performance RF relay matrix in the form-factor of a solid-state RF switch matrix. This can save precious space in your test systems, while providing microsecond switching speeds, extreme lifetimes and deliver substantial reductions in total cost-of-ownership.

Switch Matrix Technology Comparison Chart
High Density Switch Matrix
EM RelaySolid StateKey Benefits
Occupied PXI Slots141Saves rack space, can eliminate the need for second PXI chassis ($7K)
Switching Speed<10 µs<15 msN/A>1000x switching speed improvement enables faster measurements
Switching OperationsMechanical:
<3B operations
5M operations
N/A500x reliability improvement reduces system downtime
Insertion Loss1.8 dB @ 12 GHz0.4 dB @ 12 GHz7 dB @ 6.6 GHzGood insertion loss
Isolation70 dB60 dB53 dBBetter isolation
“The MEMS switch is an ideal element for this type of application... When compared to other solid-state switch technologies, these have very low parasitics.”

​AUGUST 17, 2020

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