Managing cost
of ownership.

Test & Measurement equipment are highly accurate, high throughput machines that need to run 24x7 with minimum down-time.

Smaller switches that can multiplex at larger numbers.

Faster switches that can test more devices in less time.

More reliable switches that don’t require frequent replacing.

High linearity, critical for testing devices with any RF requirements.


T&M Machines

Any devices with RF requirements, like cell phones, need to be hooked up and tested for their signal quality before being boxed up and sent to stores.
1. Inside a T&M machine

When it comes to RF signals, EM relays perform better than semiconductor switches. As a result, T&M machines are densely packed with EMRs.

2. EM relay drawbacks

While EMRs are great at RF signal management, they are large, slow, and only good for <10M actuations.

3. Big compromises

The downtime due to relay failure/repair and their slow speed have significant negative impacts on the total cost-of-test.


Test more, faster, and at lower costs.

The DPDT Ideal Switch used for T&M includes an integrated driver and optimized differential routing for rapid concurrent testing.
Reduced Size & Weight
Go from bulky EMRs and SSR boards with heatsinks to a few Ideal Switches. Their low profile allows double-sided board placement for 85% PCB area reduction and 75% build-height reduction.
Reduced Switching Speed
Go from 3ms to <10µs. 1000x faster means you get measurements done faster and increased throughput at manufacturing plants.
Increased Multiplexing
More channels in a smaller space means time saved running more tests concurrently.
Increased Reliability
Go from <10M cycles to >3B cycles. The >300x increase in reliability means less maintenance and less downtime.
Reduced Power Consumption
100 relays have >10W of hold power to drive coils. The Ideal Switch has no hold power, which means money saved. Because there is no cooling required, new form factors are possible.


T&M Machines

The Ideal Switch delivers valuable gains across total cost of ownership requirements.
Switching Speed Reduction
Go from 3ms to ≤10µs (1,000x faster). Get measurements done faster for increased throughput at manufacturing plants.
Multiplexing Increase
More channels in smaller space. Time saved running more tests concurrently.
Reliability Increase
Go from <10M cycles to 3B cycles. Less maintenance and less downtime.
"This type of RF performance is usually reserved for large RF mechanical relays, which are 50x larger, 1000x slower and 1000x less reliable than products manufactured with Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch technology."

​JUNE 3, 2019

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The Ideal Switch lets you build smaller devices with entirely new capabilities.