Signal Relays

The world‘s workhorse signal relay.

The MM1205 offers improved DC, analog, and RF performances by adopting the best design and manufacturing practices of the Menlo Micro signal relay product family.


6 Channel SPST High Frequency Signal Relay

The MM1205 device is a 6-channel SPST High Frequency Signal Relay intended for signal switching applications for DC, analog, and RF circuits. Each channel provides low on-state contact resistance and insertion loss, high off-state isolation from DC to over 3 GHz with industry-leading cycle life. The flexibility of six SPST channels enables implementation of different signal topologies such as dual SP3T, triple SP2T, or a 2 x 3 matrix.

The MM1205 features an integrated driver and control logic circuit with SPI and GPIO interface control options, along with integrated charge pump to drive the gate. The device only requires 3.3 V and 5 V external supplies to operate.

Each channel can be individually controlled, and multiple devices can be daisy-chained together.


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Top view

Bottom view

Bottom view

MM1205 Specs
Configuration OptionsCarry Voltage*Carry CurrentRONCOFFlLeakageSwitch SpeedFrequency RangeRF Power Insertion LossControllerDC SupplyLifetimePackaging
MM12056x SPST
2x SP3T
3x SP2T
1x SP6T
30 V
38 V
1 A/CH
2 A / Package
1 Ω typical45 fF typical250 fA typical17 µS typicalDC-3GHz25 W (CW)
200 W (pulse)
0.5 dB
3 GHz
3B cycles typical8 x 8 mm LGA

**30V with integrated charge pump, 38 V with external 100 V to power pin Vpp.

“This has the potential to change real stuff that you use every day. It's huge. I mean, it's really huge.”


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