Signal Relays

The world‘s workhorse signal relay.

The MM1200 is a 6-channel SPST signal relay perfect for high-density LF switch matrices in any industry. In general, it is the ideal replacement for any space-wasting electromechanical relays and reed relays.
MM1200 Series Specs
The MM1200 will let you build smaller devices that use less power.
MM12006x SPSTAC/DC79 V
5 V
10 µA1 A1.0 Ω45 fF15 GΩ<10 µS>3B cyclesSPI**6 x 6 mm

**SPI control signals: Data, Clock, Blank, Latch


6 Channel SPST Signal Relay

The MM1200 is a 6-channel SPST high-performance signal relay that can be used for high-density signal switching applications in both AC and DC circuits and is meant to replace electromechanical signal relays or reed relays. Typical applications range from medical equipment, DC switch matrices/multiplexers, to test & measurement equipment.

The MM1200 is capable of 1.0 A per channel steady state, and delivers low on-state contact resistance and high off-state isolation with >3 billion switching cycles and <10µs switching times.

Each switch is Normally Open (NO) and individually controlled by a digital serial-to-parallel Interface. An external +5 VDC logic supply and high voltage +79 VDC bias source are required for the operation of the internal switch driver.

Datasheet  Cad Drawings

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Bottom view

Bottom view

MM1200 vs Electromechanical Relays
Imagine the impact this will have on test & measurement boards, which often require 250+ EMRs. The Ideal Switch will dramatically decrease the T&M machine size and increase its reliability.
EM Signal RelayKey Benefits
Size/Channel Density72 mm3
6 x 6 x 2 mm
Relays, Driver, Capacitors and Power Supplies• 85% PCB area reduction
• 75% Build height reduction
• 120 g weight savings/100 DPDT
Switching Speed<10 µs3 ms• 1000x switching speed improvement enables faster measurements
Reliable PerformanceMechanical:
>3B Operations
10M Operations
• 1000x reliability reduces system downtime
ControlSerial bus programs all circuits (daisy-chain) with shared high voltage supplyOne signal line/one/driver per coil + power supply for drivers• Digital control direct from MCU
• Simplifies schematic & routing on PCB
Power ConsumptionNo hold power100 relays have >10 W of hold power (need to drive coil)• Saves 10-20 W power consumption per 100 relays
• Reduced cooling requirements enables new form factors
“This has the potential to change real stuff that you use every day. It's huge. I mean, it's really huge.”


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The Ideal Switch is better by multiples for size, weight, power, speed, reliability, linearity.