Senior Product Engineer

Irvine, CA

About us:

Menlo Micro has reinvented one of the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems – the electronic switch. Menlo Micro’s technology creates a new switch category that eliminates compromises and tradeoffs by combining the benefits of electromechanical and solid-state switches into the best of both worlds with its “Ideal Switch.”

Are you interested in playing a critical, impactful role and work with top electronic systems talent at an exciting startup backed by industry leaders? Do you want to help create truly disruptive and unique products that have the ability to change markets? If you answered yes to both, this may be your opportunity to have a significant impact at a cutting-edge startup with industry-leading technology that will drive electronic systems innovation across a diverse range of industries.

Essential responsibilities:

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Yield analysis/improvement – be able to identify major failure modes on a given product, track them across lots/wafers.
  • Identify root cause of failures and generation and implementation of improvement plan.
  • RMA/failure analysis – be able to take a given RMA from applications team/customer and lead FA efforts to find root cause. Implement the corrective action and perform FMEA.
  • Commonality studies – Commonality studies between the different wafers/lots/products to improve product performance or yield.
  • New Product Introduction – Be able to take a product from design to production. Identify testability and production viability.
  • Generating a characterization plan and qualification plan. Design hardware and implement software needed to perform a full product qualification.
  • Performing GRnR studies to validate test setups.
  • Performing characterization testing over temperature and bias corners, i.e. s-par, harmonics, IP3, parametric
  • Analyzing characterization results and Implement guard banding of key parameters.
  • Managing reliability HW and SW development, for various rel. test, i.e. HTOL, HAST, ESD.
  • Being Comfortable with measurement instruments including: Oscilloscopes, VNA, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Device Analyzers (parametric analyzers), custom rack and stack measurement systems, pulsed current tests, ESD testing, etc.

Your secondary responsibilities will include:

  • Hardware debugging in collaboration with the applications engineering team to ensure healthy device functionality.
  • Sourcing and acquiring measurement equipment for different characterization efforts.
  • Stage gate familiarity and file organization for it.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Education: BS or MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Material Science, or Physics.
  • Experience: Minimum of >5 years of experience in the Product Engineering field.
  • Data Analysis: Strong at JMP or Excel and a database interface (Exensio, DataPower, DataConductor).
  • Programming: C and Labview familiarity, Arduino / other Micro Controllers, understanding GPIB/SCPI commands for communicating with electrical instruments.
  • Problem Solving/Productivity: Being able to work efficiently and effectively with given resources. Knowing how to use lab instruments like SMUs, Switch matrix, function generator, and oscilloscopes.
  • Organization: Ability to stay very organized with code documentation and lab test setups.
  • Technical: Understanding of semiconductor operation and theory; MEMS device technical understanding and experience is a plus.
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