Communications & 5G


Next-generation wireless networks need to support dozens more frequency bands and higher carrier frequencies.

The Ideal Switch is perfect for creating high-performance, miniaturized frequency-agile radios from a few MHz to 60GHz, and milliwatts to kilowatts.

Example: Antennas​ and RF front-ends

RF front-ends and antennas using Ideal Switches will:

  • support new 5G bands in addition to all legacy bands
  • handle more capacity due to superior linearity
  • reduce the need for heavy, bulky mechanical equipment by replacing it with lightweight micromechanical versions
  • allow more bands to be supported in a smaller space, creating lighter and smaller radio systems

Our Ideal Switch enables completely new system architectures:​

  • phase shifters, filters, limiters, amplifiers, antenna tuners…all portions of the radio chain will see step-change improvements.

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