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Size, weight, power, and reliability are key criteria for A&D systems.

The Ideal Switch makes existing systems smaller, lighter, more powerful, more reliable, and allows A&D suppliers to deliver extreme SWAP-C improvements to their customers.

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The Test & Measurement industry uses thousands of relays and switches in a typical system, and these relays can be a significant limiter of system reliability and throughput, which drives cost of test higher.

Ideal Switch technology enables products that are 1000x faster with 1000x longer lifetime than traditional relays, bringing game-changing reductions in cost of test for next generation test equipment.


The work of doctors increasingly depends on sophisticated technology which doesn’t get in the way and is transparent to the patient.

The Ideal Switch handles high power and yet provides extremely high-density switching arrays which can enable completely new healthcare form-factors for MRI, Ultrasound and other emerging medical equipment segments.

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Next-generation wireless networks need to support dozens more frequency bands and higher carrier frequencies.

The Ideal Switch is perfect for creating high-performance, miniaturized frequency-agile radios from a few MHz to 60GHz, and milliwatts to kilowatts.

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