All About Circuits Industry Tech Days 2023: The Recap

November 01, 2023

This year, Menlo Micro's  RF Product Manager, Simon Liang presented "Learn the benefits of the Ideal Switch® for RF and Microwave applications" during the Industry Tech Days virtual conference, hosted by All About Circuits.

Simon discussed how the Ideal Switch's  architecture and materials are based on advances in semiconductor engineering and the production process leverages solid-state fabrication of integrated circuits and innovative packaging technology, collectively providing differentiating features which include:  

  • Unique beam and glass substrate: high RF power (25W), low insertion loss (<1dB) 
  • Through-glass-vias: low RF parasitics (low fF, sub-1Ω), high frequency operation (70GHz) 
  • Scalability: 50x50µm unit-cell scalable 2D switch array for voltage, current, power, frequency  
  • Configurability: 2D switch array configurable for M-poles, N-throws 
  • Hermetic-sealed system-in-glass: 2D switch array integrated with CMOS switch driver and passive components, greater than 3 billion switch cycles.


watch the replay here:   

Menlo Micro's CEO, Russ Garcia also joined the event as a panelist on the "State of the Industry: Semiconductor Insiders Discuss the Ambitions and Realities of the CHIPS Act" panel session. Russ and other semiconductor industry experts discussed the ambitions and realities of the CHIPS Act and shared their thoughts on what they think will come next.

Watch the replay here:    

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