MEMS power switch startup raises $44m

October 15, 2020

Nick Flaherty for EE News — October 15, 2020

“What we have done is reinvented the electronic switch,” said Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro. “We were born out of GE’s research labs where the engineers looked to reinvent the circuit breaker and they came up with this 'Ideal Switch'. GE were looking to source the switches and chose MEMS. With the gap between the contacts we can switch kW of power in a device that scales like a transistor.”

The key is the material used in the MEMS switch and the fin-like design that avoids the problem of the switch sticking. It switches with picoamps of current at 70V.

“This works from DC to mm wave frequencies as well as scaling from mW to kW. The alloy is our secret sauce, we have exclusive rights. It’s fab friendly but not a material you would find in a fab and we use it to build a cantilever beam.”

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