World’s highest power density MEMS RF switch

November 18, 2020

Nick Flaherty for EE News — November 18, 2020

MEMS specialist Menlo Micro has launched its first product, a four channel 25W RF switch that operates from DC to 26GHz in a chip scale, surface mount package.

The MM5130 is challenging large RF mechanical relays in low loss switched filter banks, tunable filters, step attenuators, and even beam steering antennas for a variety of radio architectures in both commercial and military communications networks. The high channel density and low losses also make the MM5130 suitable compact switch matrices for test and measurement applications.

he 'Ideal Switch' is built on a standard silicon substrate with glass vias in a 14 layer process with custom allows at MEMS foundry Silex Micosystems. Menlo has spent the last 30 months completing the transfer and qualification of the manufacturing process, moving from a 4in research fab to an 8in high-volume manufacturing line. This allows the company to significantly increase its capacity to millions of units per month in 2021.

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