High power, density RF switch boosts performance

November 18, 2020

Stephen Law for EP&T — November 18, 2020

Menlo Microsystems MM5130 high performance RF switch with 4 channels, 25W power handling and DC-26GHz operation in a miniaturized surface mount package, brings improvements to insertion loss, power handling and linearity.

Manufactured with firm’s proprietary Ideal Switch technology, device handles 25W with ultra-low losses, in a miniaturized wafer-level chip-scale package (WL-CSP). Device delivers the power handling and RF performance of an electromechanical relay, with the size, reliability, and speed of a solid-state switch.

Device is a suitable solution for many applications, including low loss switched filter banks, tunable filters, step attenuators, and even beam steering antennas for a variety of radio architectures in both commercial and military communications networks. The high-channel density and low losses also make the device suitable for ultra-compact switch matrices for test and measurement applications.

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