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Menlo Micro Joins with MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance

October 11, 2022

Pursues competitive and innovative semiconductor industry, supply chain through cross-industry collaboration to help continue the electrification of everything

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IRVINE, Calif., October 11, 2022

Menlo Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Micro), the company responsible for bringing to market the greatest electronic component innovation since the transistor with its Ideal Switch technology, today announced it has joined MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance in an effort to create a more resilient and advanced U.S. semiconductor ecosystem. As a member of the Semiconductor Alliance, Menlo Micro will join in the group’s mission to pursue a whole-of-nation approach for an innovation-focused U.S. semiconductor industry and supply chain, advanced domestic manufacturing capabilities, and strong intellectual property protections.

Menlo Micro joins industry leaders Intel, Micron and Analog Devices along with experts from all facets of the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem to bolster innovation and strengthen the U.S. economy and national security through cross-sector collaboration. The Semiconductor Alliance brings together insight and engagement from every part of the U.S. semiconductor supply chain, including integrated device manufacturers; fabless chip companies; providers of infrastructure, design, and manufacturing tools; and technology innovators from industry and academia.

“Menlo Micro’s leadership in creating next-generation electrical components and packaging requires innovation across multiple technology dimensions, from high-performance glass substrates to small chip-scale packages,” said Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro. “The Alliance’s goal of a more integrated, innovative, and effective U.S. semiconductor industry and supply chain is perfectly aligned with Menlo’s efforts to accelerate complex manufacturing of the Ideal Switch and expedite integration of this boundary-breaking technology into key infrastructure across telecommunications, energy distribution and management, defense and more.”

The growth of MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance comes as a reaction to the historic CHIPS and Science Act and will help facilitate a fair and objective National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) as called for in the Biden administration’s recent implementation plan. The upcoming National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will also create a path forward for ensuring a safer world through the collaboration of top tech innovators connected through the Semiconductor Alliance.

“We are excited to welcome Menlo Micro as a key contributor to our network of leading innovators that make up the MITRE Engenuity Semiconductor Alliance," added Laurie Giandomenico, PhD, MITRE chief acceleration officer and MITRE Engenuity’s founder and managing director. “This strategic partnership and our unique membership of industry, academic, and government collaborators make up a culture of collaboration in America that will be required to build the semiconductor ecosystem of the future. We are creating a “runway” for semiconductor innovation that will level the playing field and accelerate new innovation for the industry.”


About MITRE Engenuity

MITRE Engenuity, a subsidiary of MITRE, is a tech foundation for public good. MITRE’s mission-driven teams are dedicated to solving problems for a safer world. Through our public-private partnerships and federally funded R&D centers, we work across government and in partnership with industry to tackle challenges to the safety, stability, and well-being of our nation.

MITRE Engenuity brings MITRE’s deep technical know-how and systems thinking to the private sector to solve complex challenges that government alone cannot solve. MITRE Engenuity catalyzes the collective R&D strength of the broader U.S. federal government, academia, and private sector to tackle national and global challenges, such as protecting critical infrastructure, creating a resilient semiconductor ecosystem, investing in pandemic preparedness, accelerating use case innovation in 5G, and democratizing threat-informed cyber defense.

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