‘Ideal switch’ nears high-volume production

October 14, 2020

Rich Pell for Smart 2.0 — October 14, 2020

The company's "Ideal Switch" technology is offered as combining the benefits of electromechanical relays and solid-state switches into the best of both worlds, bringing massive reductions in size, weight, power, and cost to multiple industries. The latest funding, says the company, will help it expand production of what it describes as "the most revolutionary electronic component since the transistor" from engineering quantities in 2020 to millions of units in 2021.

"This is a major milestone for Menlo Micro and the deployment of the Ideal Switch," says Russ Garcia. "This round of financing will enable us to significantly accelerate our product development and the scaling of our production lines. It is an incredible validation that our investors are standing behind our truly disruptive technology and our team at a time of so much uncertainty around the world."

The company's switch operates up to 1000x faster than a typical mechanical relay, can handle kilowatts of power, and is built in a structure smaller than a human hair.

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