World’s Highest Power-Density RF Switch Hits Volume Production

November 18, 2020

David Maliniak for Microwaves & RF — November 18, 2020

Menlo Microsystems, Inc. (aka Menlo Micro), which claims its fame on the back of its “Ideal Switch” MEMS-based switching technology, is now ready to begin production of its MM5130, touted as the first high-performance RF switch manufactured with solid-state switching technology. 

The MM5130 is designed to handle 25 W with ultra-low losses, in a miniaturized wafer-level chip-scale package (WL-CSP). Historically, this level of performance has been reserved for large RF mechanical relays, which have major drawbacks. With its Ideal Switch technology, Menlo Micro says it has eliminated the compromises that engineers have had to make when selecting between RF mechanical relays and solid-state switches. The MM5130 offers the power handling and RF performance of an electromechanical relay (see the table), with the size, reliability, and speed of a solid-state switch.

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