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Ideal-Switch Technology Now Commercially Available

December 20, 2018

What a difference 2 years can make! That’s the amount of time that has passed since we first launched Menlo Micro in December 2016. And while much has happened during these past two years, the most satisfying has been to see these “ENORMOUS” (relatively speaking) 8-inch wafers coming off of the manufacturing line, covered with thousands of high-performance micro-mechanical switches! Many wondered if it was really possible to port a process from a research fab at 4-inch to a commercially viable 8-inch line, but when we look under the microscope at the quality and consistency of the devices we’re building, well…for someone who really loves technology, it is a thing of beauty!

Menlo is now sampling product from this new manufacturing line, and we will begin scaling up the production of our unique micromechanical switches in the very near future. This major milestone in our brief history is possible because of the tireless efforts of the entire Menlo team, as well as our partners – Corning Incorporated, leaders in Through Glass Via (TGV) packaging technology, and Silex Microsystems, recognized as the world’s largest pure-play MEMS foundry.

Products made with our proprietary Ideal-Switch technology offer unprecedented power handling in a micromechanical device with superior electrical performance, size, cost, and reliability as compared to both traditional mechanical relays and solid-state devices.

Having already shipped over 100,000 production units from our existing manufacturing line, and with these recent advances in packaging and processing, Menlo is in a great position to significantly scale up our manufacturing capability. This will allow us to bring step-function improvements in system performance to a broad array of end markets such as medical equipment, military communications, test and measurement instrumentation, industrial automation, 5G communications networks and more.

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