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Menlo Micro Releases a Superior High Frequency Ideal Switch Signal Relay Solution for DC, Analog, and RF Applications

October 10, 2023

MM1205 System-In-Package Relay Targets High-Density Industrial, Telecommunications, Medical, Test and Measurement Applications


IRVINE, Calif., October 10, 2023

Menlo Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Micro), the company responsible for bringing to market the greatest electronic component innovation since the transistor with its Ideal Switch® technology, released to production a new 6x SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) relay solution fully integrated with relay driver and charge pump. The MM1205 is a single component solution that combines the high isolation of a traditional low-signal mechanical relay and the reliability of a semiconductor relay. The MM1205 offers improved DC, analog, and RF performances by adopting the best design and manufacturing practices of the Menlo Micro signal relay product family.

Built on Menlo Micro’s market-proven Ideal Switch technology, the MM1205 relay provides superior performance and high reliability over leading suppliers of photo-coupler, MOSFET, Reed, and low-signal EMR (Electromechanical Relay) technologies. The MM1205 offers flexible and versatile configuration capabilities: 6x SPST, 2x SP3T, 3x SP2T, and 1x SP6T.

The MM1205 6x SPST relay represents the culmination of several important industry firsts:

Greater DC and Analog Performance

  • High DC contact rating of 1 amp for up to 38 volts per channel (2A total package)
  • Reliably stable contact resistance over cycles and temperature
  • Remarkable ultra-low off-state capacitance (45 fF, typical), off-state leakage current (250 fA, typical), and ultra-fast switching time (17 µs, typical)
  • Enhances high-density relay matrix signal distribution application performances, throughput, and efficiency

Superior RF Performance

  • Wide frequency response from DC to 3 GHz
  • Unmatched RF power handling up to 25 W (CW), 200 W (pulsed)
  • Expanded application versatility with higher frequency signal integrity and capacity

Industry-leading Reliability

  • Over three billion relay switching cycles
  • Reduces relay population replacement costs accumulated from usage rate and operating life over application life
  • Decreased application cost of ownership with lower downtime and maintenance costs

High Power Efficiency

  • Ultra-low DC power consumption (10 mW, typical)
  • Realizing energy-efficiency, eco-friendly mandates for large-scale, high-density, AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven automated applications    

Compact Design

  • Small footprint (64 mm2) and compact volume (128 mm3) integrating six-channels of SPST
  • Enabling high-density, large-scale applications throughput and operating efficiency in achieving power consumption efficiency and cost savings      

“Developers of medical, industrial, telecommunications, scientific, and test equipment applications are seeking innovative and elegant relay solutions that distribute DC, analog, and high frequency signals more efficiently, transparently, repeatable, eco-friendly, and reliably, while achieving lowest cost of ownership for large-scale high-density boards and energy-efficient designs.” said Chris Giovanniello, Co-founder and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Menlo Micro. “The MM1205 relay is the culmination of Menlo Micro’s best signal relay designs and the preferred relay technology enabler for DC, analog, and high frequency applications.”

To learn more about Menlo Micro, its Ideal Switch technology and Ideal Fab, and the new MM1205 high frequency relay, visit  


For MM1205 evaluation kits, ordering and pricing information, please contact a Menlo Micro sales representative at [email protected].

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