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Moving into 2023 with purpose

January 03, 2023

By: Menlo Micro

Looking back, 2022 was an impressive year for tech innovation across all sectors, from AI and edge computing to 5G and the Internet of things to the electrification of everything. Menlo Micro was at the center of this growth and innovation, delivering new Ideal Switch products, series C funding, ramping production, building new alliances, expanding into new markets, winning industry awards and accolades, and delivering new tools and solutions.

Looking ahead, we expect 2023 to be an even stronger year and look forward to sharing our success and breakthrough technologies with our growing customer base worldwide. Here’s a preview of good things to come from Menlo Micro.

Making it a “fab-ulous” new year. We have laid the groundwork to bring more innovation to U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and accelerate the electrification of everything. We have focused on partnerships to strengthen control over innovation through glass with our chip MEMS technological manufacturing.

Partnerships fuel success. We are collaborating with leading innovators like VoltSafe, a Canadian tech company reinventing the pronged electrical plug. Together, Menlo Micro and VoltSafe are developing the most advanced smart electrical outlet and connector based on Ideal Switch technology to enable the future of next-gen smart power connectivity. We’ve also joined MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance to help create a more resilient U.S. semiconductor ecosystem. As an alliance member, we’ll collaborate with industry leaders like Intel, Micron and Analog Devices along with experts from all facets of the domestic chip ecosystem to bolster innovation and strengthen the U.S. economy and national security.

It’s all about high power. We introduced the industry’s highest power micromechanical switch, poised to revolutionize smart power and energy distribution. Designed for kilowatt power handling, the MM9200 is world’s first micromechanical power switch capable of handling 10A in a miniature 5 mm x 5 mm surface-mount package. The MM9200 is the lowest-loss, highest power capable micromechanical switch ever created, making it an ideal switching platform for a host of applications this year, including industrial automation, smart building controls, advanced energy management systems, and many other space-constrained power distribution applications.

Building a robust product pipeline and channel. From our new MM9200 kilowatt power switch to the MM5120 and MM5140 single-pole/four-throw (SP4T) switches, 2022 was a breakout year for Ideal Switch product introductions. We are actively manufacturing and shipping new Ideal Switch products to customers across multiple industries. During the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2022), we showcased our latest Ideal Switch innovations, technology leadership and product roadmap for future enhancements. Our global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics will broaden our reach to customers worldwide in 2023 and beyond.

Our bold plans for 2023 position Menlo Micro as the leader in next-generation switching technology for the electrification of everything. Together with our customers and partners, we’re helping to create a more energy efficient, sustainable world by eliminating 20 percent of global emissions and bringing $37 billion in electricity savings by 2050.

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