Test & Measurement


The Test & Measurement industry uses thousands of relays and switches in a typical system, and these relays can be a significant limiter of system reliability and throughput, which drives the cost of test higher.

Ideal Switch technology enables products that are 1000x faster with 1000x longer lifetime than traditional relays, bringing game-changing reductions in cost of test for next generation test equipment.

Example: High-density switch matrix

A high-density switch matrix will:​​

  • take less components to make​​
  • require less maintenance and downtime to replace worn-out mechanical relays​​
  • be smaller, using up less board area or instrument slots​
  • be 1,000x faster, enabling customers to run more tests in a shorter period of time​
Our Ideal Switch can be applied to all sorts of Test & Measurement applications:​ digital step attenuators, extreme channel muxing, advanced filtering, device interface board and probe card solutions, for both RF and DC switching solutions.

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