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Compact, Low Loss Switched Filter Bank Using MEMs Switches

Feature in Microwave Journal ​

Through Glass Via (TGV) Technology for RF Applications

Presented by Corning​

​​Progress and Application of Through Glass Via (TGV) Technology

Presented by Corning

Advances In MEMS Switches For RF Test Applications

Presented at EuMW 2016

​Highly Efficient Resonant Wireless Power Transfer with Active MEMS Impedance Matching

Presented at WPC 2018

Design of a High Power MEMS Relay with Zero Voltage Switching and Isolated Power and Signal Transfer

Presented at APEC 2018

​A Wireless Power Transfer System for MRI Scanners

Presented at WPTC 2018

Comparison of MEMS switches and PIN diodes for switched dual tuned RF coils

Presented at Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2018

Adaptive Integrated Parallel Reception, Excitation, and Shimming (iPRES-A) ​With Microelectromechanical Systems Switches

Presented at Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2018​

Glass Packaging for RF MEMS

Presented by Corning

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